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Who’s Tom?

Hello there, My name is Tom. I am a travel and tech junkie. I love travelling to new and amazing place each year to help me get inspired by the beauty and culture around different places around the world. This is a place where myself and other content creators alike can put information out there to help you decide your next big travel destination

What is Explore the World?

Explore the world is a community that has been set up by Tom (@explorewithTom_) where travelers from all around the world can come together to share their passion with the world through providing budgeting tips, favourite places to visit and more.

Our Mission is for you to get trusted and up to date advice about every possible place around the world – whether your looking for a budget trip or a more luxurious trip

Why Travel?

Traveling to new places around the world has made me appreciate the beauty of a lot of different countries whether that’s the mountains, cities or more rural areas and has allowed me to appreciate a lot more different cultures.

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